Everything started with a bit of madness...
Over 25 years ago I sold my first car Fiat 126 and bought my first dog.
My parents weren't impressed as the car was their present to me on my 18th birthday.
So my first dog was a lovely short haired Weimaraner Kazan O Czerta.
Later Champion of:
-Poland, Czech Rep., Germany , and European V-ce Champion.
In 2000, short haired german pointer- Dumka Czarny Dwór joined our family.
That was the birth of our kennel Duma Kazana and completely new chapter in our life.
Today I'm writing the chapter together with my beloved husband Sebastian and our daughter Maja.
Last couple of decades were filled with beautiful and sad stories, with a hint of madness but always with massive dose of passion.
Sometimes we have puppies in our grey family.
We always choose mating very carefully.
Welcome to our wonderful grey reality.

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