PUPPIES - born 17.11. 2019r.

After breeding weimaraners for over 20 years everyone would have their favourite dogs.
I'm honoured to present this pedigree which includes my my absolutely favourite and valuable weimaraners.

-Greydove Nordic Liaison, my favourite, we can see him twice in here,
- Nani's James Robert, amazing stud dog so hard to find in today's pedigrees.
We can also see him twice in here,
-Nani's James Robert daughter Bianka ,
After Nani's Night Rider,
amazingdog, 2000World Dog Show Winner !
-Foldek, very valuable dog I dreamed to have him in my dogs pedigree .
-Ashlarem Caipiroska, true legend, guarantor of beautiful heads and fantastic movement. -Weimaranus Quiz Master,
- Nani's Clay Pigeon, father of many world champions.
We have got here amazing 7 world dog winners!!!
This is something absolutely unique and very close to my heart.
As a breeder I'm also very proud seeing here dogs
(Evelasting Greyness Weimaranus Duma Kazana, Bianka, Benita...) which either I bred or owned.